'So many people are fascinated by how my artwork is created and are interested in seeing how I approach my work. For those who commission me to create an authentic, personalised work, they are able to journey through the creative process with me and share the delight of having a unique one off image leaving a legacy of their vision.'

'There are others who find me on location where together we share life’s experiences and openly express our love for the beauty of the Caldera whilst also exchanging artistic knowledge.'

Please contact her to arrange a commissioned work of your favourite view.

Private Tutoring and Workshops

Barb has been involved in private tuition as well as running workshops for galleries and educational organisations.

These can be arranged upon request. For more details please contact her.


All books listed below are published independently from the artist!

Click for more detailsThe book “Caldera Gifts” is a bound collection of Suttie’s magnificent landscape art capturing inspirational windows in time and a memory of notable landmarks visited by locals and travellers alike. Mount Warning Wollumbin, the center of the Caldera and her main subject, has been a sacred place for thousands of years. It is held in reverence by the current generation and with world heritage status it is protected to be preserved for future generations.

Anchor yourself to the majestic national landscape known as ‘Australia’s Green Cauldron’ and enjoy the splendour of the Tweed Valley - from the mountains to the sea. Share the beauty, energy and inspiration that make this a special place, a unique quality of life that attracts and nurtures creativity within its villages, its communities and all who visit NSW and Mount Warning.
Click on the image for more information on the book “Caldera Gifts”.

Another book the artist is featured in is

Escape Gallery - 40 Eyes 20 Points of View edited by Lesley Gail

..."The eye of a master will do more work than both his hands" Benjamin Franklin ...