Barb Suttie is known locally as ‘The Mt Warning Artist’ because of her deeply felt unique relationship with the Caldera and especially the majestic and mystical Mt Warning. She shares with us in her paintings a unique vision of this iconic landscape. Her painting also takes her further afield and her works are held in major galleries and private collections in Australia and internationally.

Most recently, she has travelled and painted in the Canadian Rockies and completed an Artist-in-Residency in Baie St Paul.

In addition to being a working artist she is a highly respected teacher, mentor and tutor. As well as being a recipient of numerous awards, her paintings have been featured in many well-regarded publications such as Australian artist Magazine.

Barb’s paintings link us to place, to a land which is to be admired, understood, appreciated and revered. The images speak not only to us, but to the future generations whose guardianship will nourish and nurture the landscape just as the landscape nourishes and nurtures humanity.

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